TRANSILIEN – Versailles Chantier Train station

A very crowded suburban train station, Versailles Chantiers is challenged by its architecture and the distribution of its flows of travelers.



Following the renovation project of the train station, the historical lobby with its 1930’s clock has been kept. It was necessary to install large monitors in this protected environment and to place them strategicaly so that train schedules could be seen by the biggest number of people without gathering a crowd too big in front of the turnstiles.

We chose to install 6×70″ monitors from our indoor SLIM range, directly integrated in the historic recesses of the Great Hall. We’ve installed them by clusters of 3 on each side of the clock. Schedules are visible as soon as the traveler enters the hall and the remaining available display surface provides additional space to display other traveler information.

Flows of travelers

The station has several indoor and outdoor accesses. They are a major orientation challenge for the traveler. To meet this challenge, mover 130 monitors and information terminals in several sizes have been installed to best guide him/her during his/her travel.



  • 6 indoor 70″ SLIM monitors
  • 18 indoor 46″ and 8 32″ IC monitors
  • 9 outdoor 70″ TFT NAT monitors
  • 94 outdoor 32″ TFT NAT monitors


  • 2 dynamic 55″ terminals
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