In addition to our proprietary products, COTEP provides a full range of integrator equipment: monitors, video walls, tablets and LED panels to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to meet their requirements, whatever the sector:

  • education with the installation of a video wall in a campus’ lobby
  • administration with the installation of a monitor in the waiting room of a public building
  • companies with the integration of a touch-screen tablet in a training room or a meeting room.

To have a single partner for your whole dynamic signage solution ensures a quality relation, a comprehensive and coherent solution as well as an easy project mangement, from installation to customer service. COTEP ensures the maintenance of all solutions and equipments.Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team : 00 33 (0)1 58 01 10 50..


o meet every kind of demand (train platform, meeting room…) we offer a range of various sizes of monitors, from 43″ to 98″. With a slim design and Full HD LED, technology, these monitors are compatible with our range of Mediabox players, our dynamic signage software solutions and our range of supports.


Create amazing video walls with frameless LED screens for an exhibition hall or a lobby. COTEP offers a range of video wall screens in 47″ or 55″ to conceive very large displays. Thanks to minimum frames and wonderful full HD images, our video walls offer a memorable visual experience !

We offer various configurations: 4 screen wall (2×2), 9 screen wall (3×3) or screen banner (4×47″ screens or 55″ screens lined up). The video wall is installed on a wall with an extractable supporting or screwed to the floor or ceiling. Our experts in dynamic monitors are here to guide you !


The “tablet” format is adapted to broadcasting specific information such as meeting room occupancy or training room booking schedules for exemple. In this type of “meeting room” project, we provide small tablet like screens, with touch-screen in option, with a dynamic signage software solution in real-time that can synchronise with a room booking module. Each tablet is installed at the entrance of a room and broadcasts in real-time the occupancy status of the room, with a possibility to book live for the touch-screen tablets. Our tablets can be installed for meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms or offices. Our experts are here to guide you in your future “meeting room” projects, don’t hesitate to contact us !


COTEP works with your on your outdoor dynamic signage projects with large LED technology panels. For display solutions outside an exhibition venue, a congress center or a university campus, we study your project and offer you the most adapted LED panels.

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