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A digital platform
to optimize
your dynamic signage solution 

Manage your dynamic signage solution from A to Z, remotely, in real time, easily. 

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Enjoy a comprehensive monitoring tool with a set of applications dedicated both to equipment supervision and full real-time management of your solution. 

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A solution entirely based on APIs to integrate fully with your existing tools for better synergy and flexibility. 

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A simple and intuitive tool for quick adoption and higher accessibility for all kinds of teams and skillsets. 

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A solution customizable to your needs, with configurable interface and applications to match your expectations. 

An application for each of your needs

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Monitor your dynamic signage easily and in real time. 

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Supervise your stock of monitors remotely and in real time. 

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Collect data on your monitors’ immediate environment. 

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Manage your inventory and the configurations of your equipment.

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Easily access the technical documentation of your equipment. 

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A fully connected maintenance

With ELIoT MCO – Operational Condition Maintenance – monitor and maintain your stock of display equipment remotely and in real time. ELIoT MCO gives you a real time functioning status on your equipment and warns you in real time of major and minor failures.

  • Real-time data collection on functioning status of your display monitors 
  • Email or SMS warnings to signal a failure 
  • Real time visualization of effectively displayed content 
  • Remote maintenance operations to avoir on-site interventions

An easy-to-use dynamic signage application 

Our application ELIoT Display helps you design and monitor in real time all content displayed on your monitors. In just a few clicks, design dynamic and visual content to enrich and facilitate your visitors’ journey! 

  • Programming of all kinds of contents: videos, images, text, etc. 
  • Shared screens or full screen display 
  • An intuitive and easy to adopt tool 
  • A media library feature to quickly and efficiently design your displays 
Image du logiciel eliot
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