EUROSTAR – Paris-Nord Terminal & Lille-Europe Terminal

A Franco-British train company, Eurostar has been running since 1994 TGV from Paris to Brussels to London through the Channel tunnel.


  • to complete their already existing display system with new hardware and a new vision of traveler information, while aiming at a unified global solution.
  • need in temporary displays depending on which access gateway is opened for each train. On this specific requirement, we proposed 2 SAM monitors, entirely autonomous and mobile that Eurostar agents can move depending on their needs.


  • 4 indoor 42″ SLIM monitors installed in the box office and the boarding gate in the Paris-Nord terminal
  • 2 autonomous and mobile SAM monitors positionned at the boarding gates A and B in the Paris-Nord terminal
  • 3 Mediabox players to manage their pre-existing monitors and LED banner in the Lille Europe terminal.


  • Digisoft in the Paris-Nord terminal
  • FWI in the Lille-Europe terminal
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