EM LYON BUSINESS SCHOOL – Campus Ecully, Saint-Etienne & Paris



The project’s first phase was to install a global network of dynamic signage displays (hardware and software) on the 3 French campuses. A full specification detailed the needs of each campus and the type of equipment adapted to each installation and type of content.

We provided the 3 campuses with 46″ and 55″ SLIM monitors, video walls with 4×55″ monitors and interactive 55″ terminals .

We had to respect an installation timeline of 15 days during the summer 2016 so that the system would be operating for back to school. We have monitored simultaneously 3 teams of technicians, one on each campus, to meet the deadline and respect our commitments.


  • 13 indoor 46″ SLIM monitors
  • 5 indoor 55″ SLIM monitors
  • 3 Mediabox players on previously installed monitors
  • 3 video walls of 4×55″ monitors
  • 3 interactive 55″ terminals

Multi-devices dynamic signage software package FWI (Four Winds Interactive)
Real-time supervision with our ELIoT platform

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